Donnie Ellstrom




  • angular AngularJS
  • rect React
  • node Express/Node
  • postgres PostgreSQL
  • mongo MongoDB
  • javascript JavaScript
  • jquery jQuery/AJAX
  • pythonPython
  • pythonDjango
  • htmlHTML5/CSS3
  • git Git
  • linuxLinux

Design / Other

  • phone Responsive Web Design
  • materialize Materialize
  • bootstrap Bootstrap
  • gimpGimp
  • protools Protools
  • cubaseCubase
  • proaudio Pro Audo Recording

About Me

I have a passion for the natural sciences and technology. I find joy in creating lightweight, responsive applications that provide efficacy for everyday tasks. I take pride in swiftly adapting to new environments and welcome the challenge of mastering unfamiliar tools. I approach every task big or small with the same degree of thoughtfulness.